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Summer Language Institute Director of Community Life (July 2024)

Klaipėda, Lithuania
POSITION SUMMARY: The Director of Community Life oversees the life in the residence halls, recruits and trains SLI RDs and RAs, ensures safe and comfortable learning environment, deals with emergency and crises situations. DCL mentors RDs and provides advice on dealing with conduct violations. The DCL leads the Residence Life team.

Summer Language Institute Dates
  • Arrival: July 1
  • Staff Departures: July 28
  1. Provide support, supervision, and training of Resident Directors and Resident Assistants
  2. Coordinate with the SLI team to facilitate programs and provide services specifically for the secondary school students living in the residence halls.
  3. Promote community in the residence halls through events, programs, conflict resolution, and instilling a sense of ownership and care for the physical building among all residents.
  4. Ensure on-call availability for emergency incidents, security issues, and be a resource and back up for Resident Assistants.
  5. Enforce and take appropriate disciplinary measures in the area of student conduct and residence hall policies in accordance with LCC community standards and discipline procedures.
  6. Participate in various other related duties or independent projects related to campus needs and/or SLI program needs, as well as attendance at Student Life/University functions.
Reports to: SLI Program Director
Supervises: Resident Director
Works closely with: Resident Assistants, SLI Program Director, SLI Chaplain, LCC Facilities Manager, Institutional Technology staff.

Education: Master’s degree in related field required.
Experience: Previous work in Residence Life and International experience desired. 
Skills: Strong individual and group interpersonal skills; ability to initiate relationships and develop rapport with students; understanding of developmental concerns of young people; ability to encourage personal/spiritual growth in others and implement programs.
Live in: Required to live in a Residence Hall in a staff apartment.
Personal: People-oriented, creative, sincere, and depth of Christian commitment. Firm commitment to LCC's mission, community standards and statement of faith.
Salary level: Self- funded. Housing on campus is provided.


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