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Resident Director

Klaipeda, LT
Position Summary
A Resident Director will actively lead residential programming and will serve the needs of our students to ensure all students have a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment to live and learn.  The RD will have oversight of activities in four focal areas that contribute to  positive residential learning : a) leadership development or Resident Assistants b) Residence hall programming, c) student case management and d) residence hall management.
Duties and Responsibilities:           
  1. Leadership development of Resident Assistants - recruit, train, and mentor RAs to meet the goals of the Leadership Development Program.
Satisfactory performance is achieved when:
  • Student leaders demonstrate enhanced leadership skills through positive community impact
  • Student leaders effectively are role models for others and develop future leaders
  • Student leaders effectively balance meeting personal needs with those of the community  
  1. Residence Hall programming – plan, implement and evaluate a comprehensive residential curriculum as well as partner with other departments to support the community building, retention, academic success, and spiritual development of students.
Satisfactory performance is achieved when:
  • Programs actively foster a sense of community and meet the learning outcomes
  • Programs facilitate student development to increase skills as well as understanding of self and the world around them
  • Residents positively engage in their community
  • Visibility and availability within the halls in order to understand the needs of the residential community is maintained 
  1. Student Case Management - maintain confidentiality and provide appropriate assistance to students violating policies and/or navigating challenges
Satisfactory performance is achieved when:
  • Cases are addressed in a timely manner in accordance with established policies
  • Knowledge of campus resources is demonstrated and timely and efficient referrals are made
  • Residents develop skills to effectively navigate personal issues and identify healthy support systems
  • Residents develop skills to effectively navigate conflict with others and develop an appreciation for diversity 
  • Residents have a low rate for repeated policy violations and well-being challenges
  • Residents understand the restorative justice model and understand how they impact others 
  1. Residence Hall Management – recruit front desk staff and ensure safe and proper working residence halls
Satisfactory performance is achieved when:
  • Emergency procedures are understood and response to crisis situations is done in accordance with departmental and institutional emergency procedures
  • The halls operate smoothly with minimal student dissatisfaction and service interruptions
  • Receptionists are positive university ambassadors  
 Required Qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s degree in related fields of Student Personnel, Counseling, Ministry or Higher Education and Student Development
  • Experience in Residence Life and/or Higher Education
  • Willingness to live in the residence hall in assigned staff apartment.  Housing costs are covered by LCC International University.
  • Strong individual and group interpersonal skills
  • Strong communication skills (oral and written)
  • Ability to initiate relationships and develop rapport with undergraduate students
  • Understanding of developmental concerns of youth populations
  • Ability to encourage personal growth in others
  • Event coordination
  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • Strong self-motivation and initiative seeking personal opportunities to grow  
Preferred Qualifications:
Candidates with one or more of the following qualifications:
  • Master’s Degree in related fields of Student Personnel, Counseling, Ministry or Higher Education and Student Development
  • Experience working with student populations, youth ministry or involvement in student leadership
  • Experience with intercultural issues and international student populations
  • Experience living in other cultures
  • Familiarity with LCC International University
  • Passion and understanding for student affairs work 
  • People-oriented, creative, sincere, and depth of Christian commitment
  • Firm commitment to LCC's mission                
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