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Summer Language Institute Teacher

Klaipeda, LT
·      Attend all orientation sessions
·      Assist with student registration (Registration Day)
·      Teach in the classroom three hours each working day
·      Prepare appropriate English lessons
·      Keep accurate class lists and attendance
·      Participate in staff meetings
·      Work cooperatively with other teachers (team meetings, sharing resources)

Successful Instructors
·      Design lessons that are suitable for challenging students in the development of their English language skills.
·      Develop creative enrichment material to enhance the curriculum or course book
·      Create student-centered, active learning classrooms that will benefit all learners
·      Collaborate with colleagues by sharing resources and ideas informally and formally

General Institutional Support from LCC
·      An orientation to LCC and SLI is held at the beginning of the program
·      Teacher meetings are planned to support teachers’ work in the classroom
·      Curriculum support is available through course books and other materials
·      All teachers are provided with  shared office space, internet/ computer access, and printer/copier use

Faculty Qualifications
·      Teachers are required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a related field such as general education, foreign or second language teaching methods (TESL,TESOL), linguistics, English, reading, or literacy. 
·      Preferably, teachers in the program have 3- 5 years of experience teaching, especially experience teaching English as a foreign or second language.

Successful faculty members are people who are well organized, creative, flexible and comfortable leading a group. Good teachers are those individuals who understand the profession of teaching and take the responsibility of teaching seriously. We advocate an attitude of humility and warmth towards students. We also promote an atmosphere of collegiality and cooperation between teachers.

Summer Language Institute Dates 2020
June 29 – Staff arrivals
June 30-July 3 – Staff orientation and preparation
July 4 – Student registration, testing, and check-in
July 6 – Classes begin
July 24 – Classes end; students move out of residence halls
July 26 – Staff departures
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