Summer Language Institute Resident Assistant

Location: Klaipeda, LT, Lithuania
Date Posted: 03-10-2018
POSITION SUMMARY: This Resident Assistant is a staff member residing on campus responsible for the implementation and development of the residence life program in LCC's residence halls throughout the Summer Language Institute (SLI) in the month of July. LCC houses and provides programming for participants (secondary school, college-aged, and adult students as well as North American educators) in the Residence halls’ facilities, alongside a few LCC undergraduate students residing there. Resident Assistants (RAs) work closely with the Resident Directors (RDs) to make the residence halls safe, friendly, and fun places to live and learn.

Summer Language Institute Dates (2019):
July 1 – Staff arrivals
July 2-5 – Staff orientation
July 5 – Students begin to move into residence halls
July 6 – Student registration and testing
July 8 – Classes begin
July 26 – Classes end; students move out of residence halls
July 28 – Staff departures
1.     Serve as liaison between residents and the Resident Directors and educate students about living in residence halls
2.     Promote and build community in the residence halls through events, programs, conflict resolution, and instilling a sense of ownership and care for the physical building among all residents
3.     Ensure that residents comply with community standards and internal policies
4.     Counsel, help, and assist students on various issues
5.     Work with the other Resident Assistants and promote each other’s development.
6.     Ensure on-call availability for emergency incidents, security issues, and be a resource for residents.
Reports to: Resident Director   
Works closely with: Resident Assistants, Resident Directors, SLI Program Director, SLI Chaplain or Spiritual formation coordinator, LCC Facilities Manager, Institutional Technology staff.
Experience: Previous work in Residence Life, Youth Work, and International experience is preferred.
Skills: Strong individual and group interpersonal skills; ability to initiate relationships and develop rapport with undergraduate students; understanding of developmental concerns of university populations; ability to encourage personal/spiritual growth in others and implement programs.
Live in: Required to live in a Residence Hall in room with students.
Personal: People-oriented, creative, sincere, and depth of Christian commitment, exemplary lifestyle, desire to promote community involvement. Firm commitment to LCC's mission, community standards and statement of faith.
Salary level: Self- funded. Housing on campus is provided.
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