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Intercultural Education Coordinator

Klaipeda, LT
Position Summary
The Intercultural Education Coordinator (IEC) is responsible for planning and delivering intercultural education programming with the aim of promoting intercultural competence development and greater cross-cultural understanding among LCC community members. The Coordinator has oversight of activities in three focal areas that contribute to students’ intercultural competence development: a) intercultural education training; b) leadership development of intercultural student leaders; c) assessment of intercultural competence.
Duties and Responsibilities:             
1.       Intercultural Education training – train and provide support to University staff, faculty, students, and the broader community on topics of multiculturalism.
2.       Leadership development of Intercultural leaders - recruit, train, and mentor student leaders to meet the Leadership development program goals.
3.       Assessment of intercultural competence – measure students’ intercultural competence to evaluate the success of programming and initiatives (in partnership with Institutional Research Director)
REPORTS TO:                                         Associate Dean of Students  
WORKS CLOSELY WITH:                      Faculty, Registrar, Department Chairs, Student Life staff, Admissions Department
Required Qualifications:
·         Bachelor's degree in related field required.  Master's degree in Intercultural studies is preferred.
·         Knowledge and appreciation of contemporary intercultural issues such as intercultural understanding, equity, human rights, cultural retention.
·         Ability to work independently and with others in order to meet program outcomes.
·         Excellent written and public speaking skills.
·         Ability to work effectively in a culturally diverse environment. Understanding of developmental concerns of youth populations.
·         Ability to encourage personal growth in others (mentoring).
·         Event coordination. Strong self-motivation and initiative.
Preferred Qualifications:
Candidates with one or more of the following qualifications:
·         Experience in higher education
·         Previous work with intercultural issues and international student populations is desirable, experience living in other cultures also desirable.
Workload:       Full-time (1.0 FTE)
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